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2017-09-11 05:45 PM

Don't forget that we have a Travel Bursary available for members presenting papers relevant to our interests at conferences.  (It can be any conference).

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Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft issued by the University of Pennsylvania Press is a serious, rigorously peer-reviewed scholarly journal drawing from a broad spectrum of perspectives, methods, and disciplines, and offering the widest possible geographical scope and chronological range, from prehistory to the modern era and from the Old World to the New. Members of the Societas may choose to have journal subscriptions included as part of the Societas Magica dues.

The journal continuously accepts submissions. Please send manuscripts for consideration, preferably in Microsoft Word, as email attachments simultaneously to the Editors:

Claire Fanger
Rice University
Department of Religious Studies - MS 15
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892
Richard Kieckhefer
Northwestern University
Department of Religious Studies
Crowe Hall
1860 Campus Drive, 5-179
Evanston, IL 60208-2164

PRIVILEGES FOR ALL MEMBERS include: 20% discount on Magic in History series books, subscription to Societas Magica Newsletter, and, if chosen with dues payment, a discounted subscription to the journal Magic, Ritual & Witchcraft Online Help put out by the University of Pennsylvania Press. All members are welcome to come to conferences, attend meetings, and support other functions of the Society as their time and abilities allow.

Full Dues rates are $40.00/yr. which includes a subscription to the journal.
Those who do not wish to subscribe to the journal may remain members and receive the newsletter only at a rate of $15.00/yr..

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We welcome both Full and Associate members into the Societas Magica. Please read the definitions below, evaluate your comfort level with the activities described, and state which membership category you would prefer to belong to.

FULL MEMBERS are those with an interest in the production of professional scholarship, or who teach courses in a university setting, whose research or teaching is connected to magic as described on the main page. "Professional scholarship" is understood as academic prose of a kind and quality likely to be considered for publication in refereed academic forums.

This category might include anyone affiliated with a university as professor, adjunct faculty, lecturer, or graduate student, or anyone affiliated with a recognized organization of independent scholars (such as the NCIS), or any independent scholar who has or may soon have publications in refereed academic forums pertinent to magic as described on the main page.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are those who are not, or not yet, involved in the production of professional scholarship on magic, nor currently involved in teaching university courses related to magic, but who support the scholarly aims and activities of the Societas Magica and wish to receive its publications.

This category might include writers whose output is directed towards markets other than academic (including novelists, poets, journalists, or those who write for religiously affiliated publications or occultist presses, unless they also write for refereed academic forums on topics pertinent to magic as described on the main page), undergraduates, or those working towards or holding an advanced degree in fields other than the humanities or social sciences or producing their primary scholarly work in areas other than magic (unless they also write for refereed academic forums on topics pertinent to magic as described on the main page).

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