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2017-09-11 05:45 PM

Don't forget that we have a Travel Bursary available for members presenting papers relevant to our interests at conferences.  (It can be any conference).

The Societas Magica Newsletter, established (1995) by Richard Kieckhefer and now edited by Prof. Marla Segol, is printed twice yearly for members of the Societas Magica. The editor invites queries from scholars who would like to propose contributions to the newsletter. Additional Help

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Lead articles are typically 1500 to 2000 words and cover recent research in the history of magic and related topics. Smaller pieces for the notes and queries column are also welcomed; these might include news about dissertations in progress or recently completed, manuscript discoveries, or other such items. Proposals for articles or notes on topics of potential interest to members of the Societas Magica may be sent to Prof. Marla Segol.

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File Size : (396.6 Kbytes)
Magic Manuscripts from Somers and Jekyll in the Collections
of the British Library

László Sándor Chardonnens
File Size : (1026.5 Kbytes)
Notes on the Picatrix: Non- Heteronormative Sex, and Forthcoming Translation
Daniel Attrell and David Porreca
File Size : (360.1 Kbytes)
Israel’s Name at the Site of the Circumcision: Eros and Magic in the Shiur Qomah
Marla Segol
File Size : (862.5 Kbytes)
Women, Ritual, Power, and Mysticism in the Testament of Job
Rebecca Lesses
File Size : (1114.6 Kbytes)
Ciphers and Secrecy Among the Alchemists: A Preliminary Report
Agnieszka Rec
File Size : (863.5 Kbytes)
Warding Off Doom in Mesopotamia and the Bible
Marian Broida
File Size : (876.8 Kbytes)
Objects as Demonic Subjects in Spiritual Warfare Handbooks
Sean McCloud
File Size : (884.2 Kbytes)
A Report on Current Magical and Esoteric Blogs
Laura Mitchell
File Size : (1223.0 Kbytes)
Bewitched in their privities: Medical Responses to Infertility Witchcraft in Early Modern England
Jennifer Evans
File Size : (599.0 Kbytes)
Purification in the Papyrae Graecae Magicae
Jonathan Shen
File Size : (1029.0 Kbytes)
Magic as the Basis for Social Cohesion in pre-Islamic Mesopotamia
Siam Bhayro
File Size : (555.0 Kbytes)
Some Observations on Jewish Love Magic: The Importance of Cultural Specificity
Ortal-Paz Saar
File Size : (1062.0 Kbytes)
Clerical Magic in Icelandic Folklore
Thomas B. de Mayo
File Size : (847.0 Kbytes)
Developing a Curriculum on the History of Esotericism and Magic in Colombia
Johann F.W. Hasler
File Size : (1119.0 Kbytes)
Magical Letters, Mystical Planets: Magic, Theosophy, and Astrology in the Sefer Yetsirah and two of its Tenth-century Commentaries
Marla Segol
File Size : (468.0 Kbytes)
Theses de magia
Marco Pasi
File Size : (1194.0 Kbytes)
Up on the Roof: Understanding an Anglo-Saxon Healing Practice
K. A. Laity
File Size : (1420.0 Kbytes)
The Key of Solomon: Toward a Typology of the Manuscripts
Robert Mathiesen
File Size : (1211.0 Kbytes)
Real, Apparent and Illusory Necromancy: Lamp Experiments and Historical Perceptions of Experimental Knowledge
Robert Goulding
File Size : (2676.0 Kbytes)
“Pictures passing before the mind’s eye”: the Tarot, the Order of the Golden Dawn, and William Butler Yeats’s Poetry
Anke Timmermann
File Size : (4245.0 Kbytes)
Approaches To Teaching the History, Practice, and Material Culture of Magic: A Roundtable on Pedagogy
Amelia Carr
File Size : (2114.0 Kbytes)
Magic and Impotence in the Middle Ages
Catherine Rider
File Size : (838.0 Kbytes)
What is and is not Magic: the case of Anglo-Saxon Prognostics
Roy M. Liuzza
File Size : (1886.0 Kbytes)
Islamic Magical Texts vs. Magical Artefacts
Emilie Savage-Smith
File Size : (799.0 Kbytes)
A Magic All Its Own
Michael D. Swartz
File Size : (1307.0 Kbytes)
John of Morigny's Liber Visionum and a Royal Prayer Book from Poland
Claire Fanger and Benedek Láng
File Size : (2125.0 Kbytes)
Images of Desire
Geoffrey McVey
File Size : (412.0 Kbytes)
Magic in the Cloister
Sophie Page
File Size : (1400.0 Kbytes)
Encounters with Amulets
Peter Murray Jones
File Size : (291.0 Kbytes)
Issue on Pedagogy
Carol Menning
File Size : (49.0 Kbytes)
The Warburg Institute: History and Current Activities
Will F. Ryan
File Size : (48.0 Kbytes)
Sessions and Papers on magic at Kalamazoo
Claire Fanger
File Size : (45.0 Kbytes)
A Report on Recent Work on Charms
Lea Olson
File Size : (43.0 Kbytes)
Introduction of Societas Magica Newsletter
Richard Kieckhefer